grass-fed mini and mid-size
jersey milk cows
...Its our business!​​
A2/A2 Semen
A2/A2 Miniature Jersey Conventional semen
A2/A2 Standard Jersey -Holt Creek-semen

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We have miniature, mid-size and a few standard size jerseys. The size of a cow doesn't really matter, what matters is the food she produces for your famiy. The jersey cow is worth her weight in gold for providing her milk, and meat from her offspring. It is real food and you know where it came from! 

 Located west of the Pecos River in far west Texas, we raise grass fed miniature and mid-size jersey family milk cows and grass-fed beef. Our cattle graze our native grass pastures and are supplemented with a good cattle mineral and salt. We breed for the A2/A2 beta casein gene because we feel that is important.  ​​
We focus on breeding a small family cow that produces 3 to 4 gallons a day on a grass only diet. Our cattle are gentle, easy to handle and are disease tested. We drink raw milk and feed it to our family and friends. 

Our calves are dam raised and are usually weaned at 6 months of age. That is an important part of their growth and development. Cows are trained to accept an extra calf to drink her extra milk if needed, 

Our miniature jersey bulls are top shelf bulls and several have been collected for conventional and female sexed semen. See semen sales in the Sale Barn page.