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jersey milk cows
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A2/A2 Semen
A2/A2 Miniature Jersey Conventional semen
A2/A2 Standard Jersey -Holt Creek-semen

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Rush Farm's Kristoff (Crisco) A2/A2 Hetero polled 41" at 3 years
Kristoff is collected for conventional semen and female sexed semen and it is for sale on the Sale Barn page on this site. He has offspring on the ground at this time.... you can view his first heifer on the cow page.... Texas Star Mija Smurf. He has some white paint on his belly and chest and may throw the paint gene to his offspring. His sire is Sure Shot Captain Morgan, an all time favorite miniature jersey AI bull. He is triple registered: MJHB, AMJA,  and IMCB

Barnyard Mini Carpenter Smurf
A1/A1 homo polled 43" at 7 yrs

Barnyard Mini Carpenter Smurf
He has been collected for conventional semen and it is for sale on the Sale Barn page. He is a proven sire and he has many offspring at this time. You can view a few of his offspring on the cow page of this site;  Tater Tot, Sister Smurf, Petaya,Treasure, Mija, and Squirley Dog. His breeder, Nathan Harris, is one of the original breeders of the miniature jersey. One of the most outstanding bulls in the miniature jersey breed. Carpenter is triple registered: MJHB, AMJA, and IMCB
Doe Creek's Marshall Dillon (Chapo) He has semen collected and it is for sale on the Sale Barn page of this site. This bull throws very small calves when bred to small cows and has taken height off when bred to mid size cows.  He is an easy keeper and easy to get along with.  He is dual registered: MJHB and IMCB. We have 3 bull calves and one heifer out of him for the 2016 season. He is bred to several cow now for fall 2017 calves. Looking forward to what we get out of this nice little bull. He has a fine temperment and does well on our native grass pastures.
Doe Creek's Marshall Dillon
A1/A2 Hetero polled 41" at 3 yrs

UR Holt Creek LT Kaleb  A2/A2 and horned
AJCA regestered small standard bull standing 44" at top of hip at 3 yrs.  We were offered this bull last year from Ben at Holt Creek and we are very pleased with him so far. We love his looks, his size and his attitude. We will be using him to breed our AJCA registered Holt Creek cows to keep that line going in our herd. This bull has over 25 years of grass-fed genetics behind him and we are excited to see what he will bring to our herd. He has been collected and his semen purchasing information can be found on our sale barn page.
RDF Squirley Dog Smurf
A1/A2 Homo polled

Squirley Dog is a very small bull measuring 35 inches to the top of his hip at 15 months. We are growing out and are using him to breed our Holt Creek heifers this spring. He is a son of Barnyard's Carpenter Smurf. He was born here at our place out of a cow that we purchased that was a former cow bred by Back-To-The-Future-Farms. Dam is midsize with a light fawn coat, dark face and an amazing udder. He is a respectful bull and we are looking forward to seeing what he will produce for our herd.
Texas Star Cheeto Smurf 
A2/A2 Homozygous polled
Cheeto was just under 23" to the top of his hip at birth. His sire is Rush Farm's Kristof and his dam is Barnyard's Mini Sugarbelle. Both of his parents are painted and he should throw the white paint in his offspring. We are excited to see what he produces for our herd. He is very laid back like both his parents and just loves scratches under his chin. One grandsire is Sure Shot Captain Morgan and the other grandsire is Barnyard'sMini Tinker Smurf....what a combination! Lookimg forward to Cheeto produces.